Monday, 4 November 2013

The BlackBerry Z10 Saved This Blogger!

Back in the beginning of June this year, we had a little mishap in this household. My daughter decided it was time to experiment with my phone and the sink full of water. Needless to say, I was left without a phone for quite awhile.

At first, I was very much okay going without. It had become such a hassle to try and keep up with everything all at once anyway, that it was exhausting.

Since then, growing my blog had been a pain in the social media department. Every time I needed wanted to check my social media, I would lug out my laptop computer, start her up.....and then usually my two year old would want me to play again.

It just wasn't working out as easily as I thought.

That's when I came to the conclusion:

Bloggers pretty much need a smartphone.

With all of my to-do lists, social media streams and needing to be able to contact people or keep contacts together in one place....the BlackBerry Z10 was perfect!

I can't even begin to name off all of the great features this phone has to offer! (You can find that here.)

BlackBerry® Z10 Black

I found the internet to be a HUGE improvement from the BlackBerry Bold. It was fast loading, and I didn't run into any hiccups when it came to consistency.

The keyboard was a little hard to get used to since I'm used to the typical keyboard style more like the BlackBerry Q5. I made the choice to go with the BlackBerry Z10 because I wanted to try something new. Despite a few fails with the auto-correct every now and then (lol), it was a lot better than I had anticipated! After I adjusted, I much prefer the on-screen keyboard. It was great that the phone started recognizing certain words that I used a lot, and with a quick flick of the thumb, I was able to cut down on my time writing emails, or text messages.

The camera is an important part of any phone. I had a great time capturing some unforgettable memories with my daughter. It was amazing to be able to edit your videos right on your phone! The camera did leave a little to be desired though. Only being 8MP wasn't a huge deal breaker for me since I have a nice digital camera to make up for it. The only thing that isn't so great about it for me is that I don't really want to have to carry around my bigger camera if I don't have to.

The whole touch screen experience was fairly new to me. I had fiddled around with a few in the past, but never actually used one for a significant period of time. It responded well to my touch, and was pretty easy to figure out how to switch from Blackberry Hub to your Apps, and vice versa.

BlackBerry Hub was a helpful feature. I didn't have to go searching around through separate apps, it brought all of my messages, emails, Twitter, and Facebook notifications all to one centralized placed.

One of the things that threw me off about BlackBerry phones was the fact that its' messenger system, BBM, didn't reach a lot of my friends/family. That's not a problem any more! With BBM now available on iPhone and Android phones, I no longer have to worry about that!

Take a peek for yourself!

Overall, I would recommend this phone, and Rogers services to anybody. I experienced no service interruptions, no down time, and excellent reception throughout my time using the Blackberry Z10. I think this would be great for bloggers, and non-bloggers alike.

You can find Rogers, numerous phone options, and keep up to date on News, Promotions, and the Newest Products on their Website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google +!

I received the BlackBerry Z10 to try for a period of time in order to conduct this review through the Rogers Demo Program. I received no financial compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Sounds like a great phone, when I look for a phone it must have a decent camera, sounds like this camera is awesome!