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Celebrate Acceptance with Second Story Press

You've heard it once, and you'll hear it again...Emily is a bookworm. Just like her Mom. I can't help but relish every single moment of our bedtime story routine.
Second Story Press is dedicated to publishing feminist-inspired books for adults and young readers. We are proud to have been publishing award-winning books that entertain, educate, and empower for over 20 years.
We received a package from Second Story Press with some stories to review. Packed inside, safe and sound, were three lovely hardcover books. All three had a central theme of acceptance, diversity, and aimed to empower readers of all ages. I want every kid to grow up knowing that it is okay to be you, and to know the joy that comes along with embracing people from different walks of life.  :)

Mom and Mum are Getting Married
Title: Mom and Mum are Getting Married!  Author: Ken Setterington Illustrator: Alice Priestley  Publication Date: Sept. 23 2004  Publisher: Second Story Press  Pages: 24

Rosie is so excited to find out her Mom and Mum will be getting married soon! She starts to wonder, what will it be like to be flower girl? What will her little brother Jack be doing in the wedding? What kind of dress will she get to wear?

This book celebrates the love between two people, no matter what their gender, and their families. This story follows Rosie and her family as they prepare for a small ceremony, and welcome their guests on their extra special day!

I found this book to be well-written, with soft, simple illustrations. It was the perfect age-appropriate way to introduce Emily to same sex couples. This is one that she reaches for every once in a while for bedtime, and I look forward to it gaining a deeper meaning as she grows older.

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Violet Title: Violet Author: Tania Duprey Stehlik Illustrator: Vanja Vuleta Jovanovic  Publication Date: Sept. 10 2009  Publisher: Second Story Press  Pages: 24

With butterflies in her stomach, Violet braves her way through the first day of school, only to be left wondering Why am I Violet? by the end of it.

Violet goes to school with blue kids, yellow kids, and red kids, but no where does she see any other purple kids, like herself. When one of the other kids asks why her dad is blue, and Violet isn't, she is left worrying about it. Luckily, her Mom knows just how to explain it to her.

Being that Emily comes from two different backgrounds, I felt this was a great story to share with her. Tania has an interesting way of explaining that people are people, in a kid friendly way. The meaning behind this book is clear and inspirational.  I can see this becoming a favourite, even just for the unique pictures alone.

Vanja has decorated each page with one of a kind artwork that appeals to my daughters' imagination. I can see a lot of parents loving this book, as much as their kids do.

I found it impressive that this is both the author, and the illustrator's first children's book. I hope to see more in the future.

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Ink-BlotTitle: Ink-blot Author: Maria Eugenia Illustrator: Maria Eugenia  Publication Date: Oct. 7 2013  Publisher: Second Story Press  Pages: 28

Girls are critical of themselves. No matter their age, height, size. No matter their hair colour, if they wear glasses, if they have braces, and on and on. The list seems never ending. But Ink-blot? Ink-blot is happy. She is busy, she sticks out from everyone else introduced to us in the story, she is beautifully odd, and she is loving every minute of it!

This was our favourite amongst the three. I appreciated that it was a quick read that kept Emily's attention the whole way through. It picked up on every possible insecurity that are common among young girls, and had an overall message of self-acceptance.

Maria has certainly created a memorable story with wonderful, quirky illustrations, and a meaning that will stick with people, both young and old. This has become one of our regular bedtime books to read.

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Overall, I am really happy to call these books a part of our collection, and by her reaction in the pictures below, I think Emily is too! We are sure to be reading these for years to come.

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What are some of  your favourite children's books? Which of these books do you think you would enjoy reading with your kids most?

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  1. All of these books look amazing! I think I would love, Mom and Mum are getting Married. Tolerance is so important and its mandatory to teach our kids when they are small so they don't learn to be prejudiced later in life.

    Thanks for this post, I really enjoyed it!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  2. This book is awesome , and teaches kids a lot when they are small and growing up. I find this is a great book for parents to read with there kids.

  3. all of these books look great! We'de enjoy reading them all, our fave book currently is Millie the Mouth/

  4. Violet is one of my all time favourite books! I read it every year to my class and always give it as gifts! Imagine our world if we looked at our skin colour this way! Great list of books!

  5. Violet looks like a great book, would love that for my daughter. Purple is her favorite color so I'm sure she would be able to relate!

  6. I love Scaredy Squirrel! I tutor children in French, when they brought the French version I thought it was absolutely adorable. :)

  7. These look like really nice books. I think that we would enjoy reading Violet the most. It's an important message.

  8. I love how these books teach kids so much ! The books are really nice and would be something both my kids would love.

  9. wow,these books all look so interesting,thanks

  10. These books look like they teach really valuable lessons. Thanks for sharing.