Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I Can't Let That Stop Me

In my last post I took a moment out of my frazzled mind to write about going back to school. I spent this past week looking over my options, while trying to keep things on track here on the blog.

There was a program that spoke to each piece of me. The wannabe psychologist, the numbers geek, the designer, the animal lover, the traveler, the designer, the writer. Overall, it unleashed my inner Dreamer and my inner Realist all at once.

 photo marktwain_zps28bd1649.png

I tried to picture myself ten or fifteen years down the road, doing a whole slew of things. 

I thought of myself as a fashion the prairies. Probably not the best route to go down in this city, where to say fashion is under-appreciated, is an understatement. I can't imagine myself permanently moving somewhere else to make my career successful. Now traveling, that's a different story.

I thought, maybe a travel agent! I've always wanted to explore everything this planet has to offer, plus I've always enjoyed helping people. Why not help people explore? But, then the realist shook my inner dreamer by the shoulders, and checked the job prospects across Canada, only to find a demand mostly towards the larger cities. 

Of course. So...on to the next one. 

To me, the idea of capturing a once in a lifetime moment is indescribable. That is why photography has always been a love of mine. Little did I know how technical photography can be. Learning about the many little things to take a technically great shot isn't something I really want to go and sit in a classroom to do. I would much rather just point and shoot what appeals to me at the moment. 

Legal assistant, Accountant, Librarian, on and on..

At this point I started getting really overwhelmed and had a mini-breakdown. Was every option going to have a million and one things to consider? After I cried by myself for a few minutes I decided to call it a day and sleep on it.

The next morning was easier. All I could think about was getting up, writing. That is when it really struck me, just how much I wanted to write. Children's books, memoirs, fiction and non-fiction of all kinds! 

Often when I tell people that I've always planned on writing as a career they look at me funny, and ask all sorts of questions about how realistic it is, how stable it is, and what would be more practical. What they don't realize is how judgmental that is. People make it every day writing, making movies, making music, and more importantly, just doing what they love! 

Those newspapers, books, magazines, travel guides and heck, half of the movies we all watch, were written by someone! By people like me. People that love to develop characters, plot out twists and turns and generally, just enjoy the written word.

Will I always know what I'm doing? No. Does that scare me? A little. But I can't let that stop me, and that doesn't mean that I am afraid to learn along the way!

Ultimately, I settled on a Business Administration course. While this doesn't really do much to foster my writing or creativity, it does satiate my need for a more practical beginning out in a working world that has never agreed with my anxiety and I. It will provide me stability at the same time as I continue to further my other passions on my own time. Plus, eventually I would like to run my own business, so what better place to start?


  1. Congratulations on choosing to further your education! Business Administration may not seem like the best option for you if you love writing, but you can always continue to write and do other things on the side :)

  2. Love this saying, so very true, and so many times ppl let it happen.

  3. I can relate to this post as a couple years ago, I returned to school on a career path that would keep me in school for the next six years. I definitely had people around me that put doubts in my mind that it was the best decision, but I am so glad that I listened to myself and stuck with my plans and goals. Good luck with yours!