Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Change Your Hair, Change Your Life!

It's amazing how a new 'do can change how you feel on the inside. It's been just about 2 weeks since I visited the Aura Hair Salon over at our local shopping centre, Kildonan Place. Managing Partner, Dan Potenza and Senior Stylist, Amy Nilsson were very kind to offer their assistance in my transformation.

For the longest time, at least 12 years ago, I started thinking about experimenting with different hair colours: blonds, reds, purples, blues...You name it. A few things held me back; mainly my confidence and money. I didn't think that I could "pull off" being a blond, or a redhead. I suppose I was afraid of the attention I'd draw towards myself if I couldn't blend in with my regular hair. It's okay to be afraid, but I decided over the years that it's NOT okay to let that fear hold me back from being who I see myself as. So I decided to take a few steps forward.

 Old Me

The trip over to Aura was one of those bounce-your-leg, bite-your-nails sorts of anticipation. Walking up to the reception desk took a lot of courage, and I had to fight the instinct to run away when the woman behind the counter asked me how I was, and who I was there to see that day.

Since I was a few minutes early, Amy was finishing up with her previous client, so I sat and waited in the little waiting area.

"Fashion or Trash?" I heard someone say, in reference to some magazines. That made me smile and automatically I knew I felt at home there. Sure enough that someone happened to be Amy!

I had brought along a few pictures of hairstyles I liked, as she had suggested over the phone. Amy was so helpful, letting me know the ups and downs with each pictured style. Not once did I feel bad about not knowing the hair lingo. We decided on the one that would require the lowest amount of maintenance.  Since I'm a Mom with a toddler, this was probably the single most important deciding factor when it came to choosing my style.

Amy was very knowledgeable and shared with me some important information, and some great suggestions. One of which being to go with highlights over just dying my whole head. Benefits were a more natural look and no hard skunk stripe when my roots start coming in. Plus I have to go back to get them touched up less often. Money savings? Sounded good to me! She was also very personable, friendly and welcoming. We shared family stories back and forth and chatted up a storm. I was surprised to find out that she's gotten to travel south of the border for extra training! I always thought once you were certified that was it, but found it incredibly comforting that she keeps educating herself further.

Towards the end, I started getting extremely nervous about how I should say goodbye, what kinds of questions should I be asking her, Should I be asking questions? etc etc. But when she started blowdrying my hair and doing the cut, I could barely believe my eyes! The person staring back at me seemed so different from the person that was there only a couple hours before.

My favourite, well one of my favourite, parts of this entire experience was getting to donate my hair! I was absolutely delighted when she informed me that I can donate my hair. That's something that I've always wanted to do. I didn't think my hair was nearly long enough for that, but it was, and since it was untreated, it was acceptable. That made me feel so amazing and was totally unexpected! I will never forget the feeling of that smile that came across my face at that moment.

Overall, I loved this experience, and don't know why I waited so long to do it. Going to a professional, especially going from brown to blond, has been invaluable. It was an amazing feeling to pamper myself, and to allow myself a change for once. I would encourage everyone who puts themselves on the bottom of the totem pole to let yourself be treated too! Taking care of my outside has helped me on the inside. I only hope you find the same comfort I did.

If you are from Winnipeg or are in the Winnipeg area and are in need of Haircare, I would strongly recommend Aura in Kildonan Place Shopping Centre. Not only do they take care of your Hair needs, but your Skin and Nail needs too! The whole team was warm and friendly, but Amy was especially great. My hat (if I wore one) goes off to her and we will be seeing each other again in about 4 or 5 weeks :)

Pictured: Amy Nilsson, New Me :)

I would like to say Thank You to Dan and Amy both at Aura - Kildonan Place for all of your help! You can find Aura on their Website or on Facebook

Disclosure: Services were provided to me at no charge in exchange for this review.


  1. Didn't know hair can be donated too.

  2. The new you looks dashing!!! :)

  3. I love the new 'do, it's so cute on you!!

  4. Aww, Thanks so much! :) I appreciate your kind words.

  5. I have friends who donate their hair. It s greatly needed. Your hair cut looks wonderful on you.

  6. I love your hair! My daughter is 13 and she has donated her hair about 3 times. It is already down past her butt again!

  7. This sounds like such a "coming out" story! Good for you to give it a try and may I say it looks really wonderful.

  8. Love the new style! It really suits you, very pretty :)

  9. Very flattering! And still has enough length for a clip to pull it back away from your face in the heat and wind. Congratulations! When I was 17 I made the same length change, but the stylists saved my hair for their own use back then.

  10. Love the new style! Will be great for in the summer, and it really flatters you.