Thursday, 10 October 2013

Where Does the Time Go?

Do you ever have those days when you could use an extra 4 or 5 hours? When time just kind of gets away from you? You sit down for one minute, and then your little one has you on to the next thing? You have so much to do, you get everything out that you need to work on but then time runs out before you even have a chance to get started on anything!

 (Unedited Photo by: SleepyJeanie, Flickr)

That has been the past couple of days for this mommy. It's been go, go, go. Even if we haven't moved very far. Emily has been extra energetic. Curious. Asking questions that, even as her mom, sometimes I just can't understand. So I nod in hopes that it's a fitting answer. Usually it suffices. Other times, not so much.

Nap time has almost become non-existent. I feel like I'm spending more time trying to get her to take a nap, than she actually spends napping. She has also discovered two new, shall we say, talents. The first, is the lovely acrobatic/strength act of somehow climbing out of her crib? I have yet to figure out how she does it....but when I do I'll be sure to let you know.

And the second....wait for it.....this one is really good. She has learned how to get mommy's attention with the old "Pee in Potty" trick.

Every night (or at least, most nights) bedtime is around 9pm. We have a pretty good routine at night. A little while ago she started asking me to wrap up her doll like a baby, and then she lays down and asks for her blanket and milk. So every night after stories, and before bed, that's what we've been doing.

Only tonight, after a few minutes I hear, "Pee in Potty!"

I've been trying really hard to keep consistent with her potty training, so hearing this, I do the no-bra mom jog to the room and carry her to the potty. After a few minutes of me asking her if she is going to go potty, she looks up at me, as bold and as clear as day, and says, "No way! No pee". All the while smiling, and shaking her head no.

That is about the point I bit my lip and had to stop myself from smiling or laughing, so she wouldn't think it was a game. That is the LAST thing I need. To play the Pee in Potty game? No thanks lol. 

I guess this is just the way of an almost two year old. Funny how things were so much easier when she was just teeny tiny. I dread the thought of when she reaches the point of no naps! I'm thinking I should get used to pulling all-nighters if this bloggers plans on getting anything done :)

Does time get away from you too, some days? Or is it just me?


  1. Hell yeah - I've got teens - I think it was worse when they were little. Thanks for your visit from the Blog Hop - love your site, I put you in my g+ circles and g+ ed ya ;)
    Great connecting with ya, Joanne @ Broadcasting Sunny

  2. OMG I totally agree with you! I only have one little 7 month old and with everything I'm doing and taking care of him, time just flies! Like today for example-I'm finally sitting down for my first meal of the day at 1:00 because I had so much going on I forgot to get breakfast.


  3. oh yes! I never have enough time to do everything that I need to do.